Monday, March 19, 2007

Saturday 13th January 1934

A new hand at work today. About my age, tall, slender, fair… ex-hotel waiter and looks it. Wonder if he’ll stick the making shop? Jones’ Coffee Stall on the way home at lunch. How I do love to stand and talk!

Bought some cigarette papers and tried to roll my own cigarettes. A sorry failure. Founded the G.S.S. (General Saving Scheme) whereby my spendings will be slightly slowed, smoking expenditure noted and spare cash taken in. Savings may be 1st and 2nd Class. Cash is rarely drawn from the former by me, but 2nd Class money accumulates for some specific purpose and is drawn out as required.

Reading a psychology book “About Ourselves”. Bought cigarettes: 20 Abdulla No 1, 10 Blue Book. The latter a “mixture” of Turkish, Virginia, Russian, Havana and Egyptian cigarettes. Pretty vile. Have finished them. Mongrel cigarettes. Harvey has assembled a wireless set; the final touches were done after tea and suddenly – the thing went! Listened alone, sitting by the fireside smoking, lights out. God save the King. Hesitated, stood up, alone in the dark room, earphones on my head. Talk on London, which ended – “I love London and it’s daily life. The very blood and heart beat of the world. London” Later, jazz. 12 o’clock, The Jazz is over, I hear the clock striking.


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