Monday, March 19, 2007

Tuesday 9th Wednesday 10th Thursday 11th January 1934

Damn winter. Always fed up in the winter. Haven’t seen Peggy lately either. She made me forget the winter. Must cut down smoking and then take her out somewhere again.

Tuesday: Book from Staines library, “How like a God”. Seems rather hot; morbid too, in fact quite dangerous.

Wednesday: Forge House for half an hour before going to TocH. Eating and drinking, smoking and talking, just to kill time. After the meeting, went there again, with Taffy. He has had one love affair: the girls name was Peggy!

Home about 12 o’clock. Bought a pipe this evening. Posed with it before the looking glass and felt quiet pleased! Anyhow the pipe kept me from cigarettes today (Thursday).

Am now going to TocH; a little job of cleaning the clubroom. “….and life burns on…Rather, - life creeps purposelessly by.” TocH cheered me up, as usual. Had to collect some books, first of all, from the old clubroom, near Staines Bridge. Somehow I missed the other fellow. Waited about, for a while, then boldly entered the old clubroom. Had only been there once before. Flickering firelight, dim shadows. Reached the stores room, beyond, by the light of a piece of burning paper. Just as it went out, I found a case of books in the corner. Dragged it out, feeling pleasantly an intruder. Carried it away in my arms (it reminded me of those butter trays I used to carry). At the new clubroom I met the others, cleaning the walls and ceiling, ready to paint. Singing and working until 10p.m. Vive TocH!


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