Monday, March 19, 2007

Friday 29th December 1933

Nothing to do in the making shop, but was working all day, in the stores. Cleaned out a 400 gallon tank. Scrambling in and out was quite an athletic feat.

Evening: Bought more cigarettes! Was over charged on yesterdays “State Express”. The shop girl refunded without any proof when I mentioned it. Memo: To use that shop again. Went to Staines library, to help with the books, but found it closed. Silly ass! So went to the pictures (above) and smoked. Turkish cigarettes. My stock is now – 31 Abdulla Turkish No 1, 4 State Express Turkish, 4 State Express Virginia, 7 Melochrino Egyptian, 80 Craven A Virginia. Total: 126 – 84 Virginia, 42 Turkish.
11 o’clock. Here I sit by the fire – alone. Shall try a Craven A, then go to bed!


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