Monday, March 19, 2007

Wednesday 20th December 1933

First job this morning: cleaning the chimneys, with a yard brush! Donned a filthy old cap as defence against soot. The work has finally ruined my old gloves. “Porters gloves”, bought when I expected to become a shop porter, 15 months ago. Spent most of the day whitewashing on top of a ladder. Discovered whitewashing is not so easy as it looks.

Re Friday, my chief anxiety is, will the railway ticket and money (for digs) arrive in time? The post is delayed in this season and I want to catch the 9.30 at Egham!

TocH meeting in the cosy new clubroom. At Staines. Sat around the fire stove and business went through swiftly. Election of officers. I felt nervous as usual at elections. Smoked many cigarettes in succession, until the election ended. And I am Assistant Pilot. The only position I wanted, yet did not hope to reach this year at least. In some other room they were singing Xmas songs… and “The Londonderry Air”.


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