Monday, March 19, 2007

Tuesday 19th December 1933

Finished the foots early, then was busy in the yard, painting the barrels and a list of their weights. 32 barrels – about 120 clots of foots. Waste, resold for paint!

Mr. Randall kindly allowed me two extra days leave for Xmas – and without being asked! Wrote an SOS for more money as soon as I got home! The will to be economical gave way suddenly. Called at the new snack-bar, nearby, which was empty of customers. Tea, cake and twenty “Rhodian No 2” cigarettes. No, twenty five Rhodian – they were large packets. That makes 45, should last me to Xmas. Snack bars all round here. No wonder I am tempted. Hope the money comes in time. Home on Friday.


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