Monday, March 19, 2007

Friday 22nd December 1933

Up usual time, packed easily and caught the 9.13 to town. Fellow travellers all sober, serious city men – bowlers, umbrellas, newspapers etc. Leisurely to Kings Cross. 11.30 to Lincoln. Chat with an ex-Lincolnian. Smokes. Buffet. Down a long, swaying train, coach by coach until we came to the buffet. Cheery atmosphere. Had two ciders – no beer.

Family met me outside station, including Wilf. Said I looked fit and happy. At Thoroughgoods I chatted with manager Lanning – was under him at Leicester, this time last year. The sight of white aprons gave me a creepy feeling – grim memories! But grim memories can become happy recollections. Old Lincoln. Old friends.


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