Monday, March 19, 2007

Thursday 21st December 1933

Am writing this at the end of a golden day. Cares and troubles simply went. Happy ending to three months at Egham. Spent the day at work in whitewashing – high on a ladder, I worked without pause and felt joy of a job well done.

At dinner time I found a money order from Lincoln, telegraphing 22/- for train fare. On the way back to work I gave 2d halfpenny to a beggar, then wished I hadn’t – mean devil! Left punctually, after making my “final stroke” with the whitewash brush. “Happy Christmas!” “Good night, Mr. Dawson!” Called at the office for my pay and also received a Christmas present of 20/- The troubles went! I now had enough money and paid digs at once! Borrowed Harvey’s bike, got the money order cashed and called for my shoes at the repair shop. Would they be ready? They were! Now only one troubled thought remained and I whistled happily and dashed through Egham.

Called on Peggy still singing to myself and we went to Staines together. The leading film was not very good, but “Loyalties” by John Galsworthy was fine. It ended in suicide. A man’s leap to death from a high window. How frightened he was, as he fell! Afterwards, we had coffee in the snack bar and began to talk of personal things over again. Her deep eyes. I tipped the man and felt the joy of tipping.

Peggy and I walked home. (I meant it all – still do. It is impossible. Two reasons. Unhappiness together. And a foolish reason of my own – Which was my family and my pride and her family. Really truly). Left her at the gate and she promised to remember – it was all true. I intended this to be my last night with her but I suppose it will not be. Tomorrow, home! It seems unreal! I feel almost homesick for Egham, too. Now there is not a single sadness.


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