Monday, March 19, 2007

Wednesday 27th December 1933

Left by the 4.6 Slow train to Grantham, a dingy carriage with uninteresting dingy companions. Change onto London express. Full; stood in a corridor with 9 others. Comfortable though crowded and was able to smoke. Pretty girls and interesting men. Leaned against the wall, two suitcases underneath me, smoking contentedly. The train was tearing and clattering through blackness, sometimes broken by a wisp of smoke, a red spark, and a flicker of station lights.

Kings Cross and the Underground. Many people, the pulse of the Big City, where all are strangers. Waterloo and a train to Staines 8.17 The carriage was packed with Feltham people and only I remained when we reached Staines. Bus to Egham and Magna Charta. Had supper, unpacked and arranged my things methodically. Harvey, in gloomy and boring mood. Less I say to him the better.


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