Monday, March 19, 2007

Saturday 27th January 1934

Only one thing of importance, up to now. As I sit here alone, not long since, Peggy came. Stayed about half an hour, talking “cheerful, clear, flat platitudes”.

Listened to music, which I recognised and loved yet could not remember the name of. A selection from something for each successive tune was familiar yet just beyond me. Until one tune came which I clearly knew! It was “Bitter Sweet”. Later, a girl sang “Twentieth Century Blues”, from “Cavalcade”. “Why – if there’s a God in the sky – doesn’t He grin?….” “This chaos and confusion”….. “We’ve reached a deadline – a press headline”…. “In this hurly burly of insanity”…. “What is there to strive for, love or keep alive for?”….“Those dreary, weary twentieth century blues”.

“The Rope” is stuck though it’s hero is not – as he should be. It seems so difficult…


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