Sunday, March 04, 2007

Monday 25th September 1933

I have three work-mates in the Making Shop. “Jack”, from Cornwall; “Arthur”, tall, white haired; “Ellis” the fat, jolly foreman. There is also “Bill” who I help with the boiling gum every afternoon.

Evening. In search of Toc H I went to the vicarage. Silent house. The church was lighted and open; I went in and sat down. Empty. Patter of feminine footsteps outside. They hesitated and receded, then returned. Flaxen haired girl entered. Was I the bible class?! Chant of voices in the vestry “Now the day is over…” Sounded good at first but went on and on, so soon bored me. Deaf man with earphones and Church Army men. Mess-up. I know nothing. Have not yet seen the vicar. They do not know anything. Everybody knows nothing. Is there a TocH?


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