Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Saturday 24th February 1934

How the weather affects my day!

Bitter morning at work. Numbed fingers as I carefully weighed acetates. The burnt forefinger has not yet healed. Dark and deadly. Glad when noon came. Talking to young Jones at the coffee stall and drinking hot tea.

Saw Peggy – and she saw me – but our eyes did not meet, for we looked up at different moments. Unfortunately. Still, each time I see her, my resolve seems fatuous, as it totters. Love has not become kindliness yet – quite.

Met Ron and went to TocH with him, calling at the chemists en route, for my camera.
We’re getting a little tired of the painting now; a big job and only two of us at it usually.

Tea interval, sitting by the stove and talking, eating and drinking. Thermos, my sandwiches and TocH biscuits. Ron never says, “Well, I don’t mind” or etc. when offered anything. Either “yes” or “no”. I could improve myself there!

We went to the Majestic afterwards, standing in a queue for a few minutes. Which I dislike! News film, scenes of King of Belgians’ funeral. Very solemn and impressive; a deep hush in the house while it lasted.


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