Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Saturday 17th February 1934

"A little dole, a little ease”.

Last Tuesday, while Ron and I were busy painting the clubroom, a crowd of Guides entered. (Our great embarrassment and industrious plying of brushes!) Thought I recognised one of them. This morning a girl came into the shop with a bucket of water to be heated. I hastened to relieve her of it, placed it on the fire, then said, “Did I see you last Tuesday?” “Yes” (The laughing face close to mine: blue eyes, fair hair) “You did!” “Where?” (Cautiously) “You were doing a bit of hard work!” She was gone, still smiling, and I returned to the litho pots, thinking it was unfortunate she was a factory girl.

Soon afterwards I smashed a thermometer costing £7. No details or self-excuses.
Thereafter, the morning crept slow. Left at 1.30 and met Bill, returning to work. Delighted to see my pipe, which I flourished.

Afternoon: the clubroom with Ron. We were unexpected but gate crashed in. Tea interval, with hot tea from my thermos.

Cleaned up and went to the Majestic. At the booking office I forestalled a pushful young man and, full of delight at this, walked on with 8/- change from £1. Recalled by pushful young man and excited girl clerk, just in time. Ron said he would have forgotten change in the same circumstances but not through exultation – because of uneasiness at having forestalled anyone!

Back to digs about 11 o’clock. Supper laid and the fire still bright.
I smoke a lot, but my pipe and the rolling of cigarettes keeps the expense down.


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