Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Wednesday 14th February 1934

Busy afternoon, making distemper – a big Admiralty contract overdue. Mr. Randall watching anxiously and nervously, I working swiftly and efficiently, I hope.
Mr. Brandford gave me a lift to work; we had not spoken for some time, now all is well. Always has been! Left at 7p.m. Handed my fags round (State Express). Dark walk home.

Dashed to TocH, hoping to be in time for Light. I was. Was offered the chance of taking prayers, but passed it on to George, a blind visitor. The Snack Bar, with Taffy and Smuts. “Round the Clock” Darts, which Smuts won. Usual supper, at a table.

Now just passed 12. One more rolled cigarette, as I go to bed. Altogether, I feel quite snug and self-satisfied! What troubles and worries are haunting me this winter’s Stillness? Only those which come from wishes, as yet unfulfilled. Yet the future promises their fulfilment.

So I am happy.


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