Sunday, March 04, 2007

Saturday 30th September 1933

Received a letter from Staines TocH, inviting me to their meeting, next Wednesday.

Struggling against boredom I went to Staines this evening. Had seen both films (there are only two cinemas) so got on a bus going towards a village called Ashford. It seemed to be a main road hamlet composed of the shops and garages but, while I gloomily waited for a bus back home , I noticed a sign post “Ashford ¾” and at almost the same moment I saw a poster advertising Ashford cinema. So I went to the main village and it’s dingy little cinema. Best seat. Fatuous films and irritating audience. Why am I so daft as to spend my precious money in this way? Came away before the end of the show thoroughly bored and fed-up. Walked all the way back, through Staines to Egham.

Home 11.45. Let myself in and locked up. How uninteresting my spare time is!


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