Sunday, March 04, 2007

Wednesday 27th September 1933

Closing time at the works – my works. Thank God I am not one of the unemployed, now.

As I walked home across the Medes – a lovely flat meadow – I saw the rest of the Making Shop crew, cycling in the distance. They waved. Went to Staines to change my library book and have a haircut. Too late for both, so spent 1/4d on the “Talkies” – “Hell Below” – a tough submarine picture. 1/4d! That leaves me with 2/2 farthing in cash and 5/- in P.O. Jack sent me the farthing while at Sudbrooke – his contribution to a wedding present for Captain and I. So far I have found no use for it and it refuses to be lost. Digs cost 25/- or more and Pay is 20/- or less. I therefore have to rely on Family kindness.

Have just finished a Zane Grey thriller – guns flashing, blood splashing, men screaming. Read it at every meal. Helps the food go down.


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