Sunday, March 04, 2007

Thursday 28th September 1933

I was allowed to do a little “cooking” for the first time at work today. “When the gum reaches 575f. let the linseed in! 575f. That was 565f. by the thermometer, which now reads 550f. I stirred gently. Flame roared, 555f. 560f. It was rising very quickly. 565f. 570f. Ah! It was by the mark! I pulled down the oil lever. Linseed ran into the pot. Thermometer gradually dropped; I proudly stirred.

After lunch at Mr. Randall’s orders, I went to Staines to get some insurance cards having had none before. (another lie!) Labour Exchange. Filled in an application form. Date of birth? March 13th 1914. Have you ever had insurance cards before? No. Is this your first job? Yes. A warning read “Any persons falsely stating…three months imprisonment” At last I am a criminal! No doubt the old J.S. Dawson will have to die, quietly.

Sultry days, fog at night. Got the address of Staines TocH from London. Called on the Secretary. Not in! So I went to the cinema again. At Staines. Artificial amusement, need it. Waited some time for a bus. Crowded. Conductor came for fares, I offered a penny as usual. “It is 6d to Egham”, he said, “You want the Bus”. With that he stopped the bus, I got out, dazed; - they drove off into the fog, leaving me halfway between the two towns! Another bus came, I got in, paid the usual fare – a penny and came home. Puzzled.

(1982: Poor, puzzled fellow! The first bus was of course, a long distance Green Line Coach).


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