Sunday, March 25, 2007

Tuesday 27th November 1934

Sultry weather for the time of year.

Called at the “Kings Head” in the evening, making final arrangements. How cheerful and happy is the atmosphere there! Shall therefore stay as long as the money lasts – which perhaps will not be long.

Lunchtime, working a single roller grinder in the dry fast room, with Miss Walmsley beside me. All the men at dinner. Her name is Joan, she is 18 in January, her eyes are green and she is the only daughter in her family. Educated at Chertsey. And so forth. As we talked the machine kept running, not un-naturally. Just before she went, she pointed to the receiving skip and said “What happens when that –eh -?” I turned. It was brimful! Did several things at once and just avoided a ghastly mess! I still laugh when I think of it. Lord, how funny! Leaning over the machine looking at her green eyes whilst the skip got nearer and nearer overflowing!


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