Monday, March 12, 2007

Wednesday 22nd November

A miserable morning in the factory. The fires were devilish but so was I. Forced them to obey me at last. As soon as I reached the Medes, I saw her galloping towards me. So she had come again! I rubbed my eyebrows but could not manage to appear bored. She dismounted and we walked together. I cannot analyse all she said but – everything is changed. She was different. Bitterness is becoming sweetness.

Peggy is an unexplainable, mysterious girl. I love her. The rest of the day sped joyously. Evening: TocH at Laleham. Nothing done of course, but the conversation was enjoyable. Six of us around the Dentist’s fire. The walk from and to Laleham is always pleasant, too. Bought a TocH tie. Black, yellow and amber. Am become rather critical of dreams since leaving Lincoln.


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