Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday 20th November 1933


That is what I saw when I woke this morning. Work. Time dragged so slowly. I kept on watching that fog. Would it lift? For awhile the sun shone, like a pale disc of light, then the pall closed down again.

Walked over the Medes at lunch time through dense fog. Nobody. The afternoon crawled by; I did not leave until 6 o’clock. Blackness. Nearly lost on the Medes – walked in a circle at first!

After tea Harvey and I were in my bedroom. Opened the window to throw out an old torch battery and we saw Peggy walking by. She tried to keep her appointment on the Medes: the fog kept us apart. “I like him” Her hand on my arm. “But I like you too.”

Tomorrow, as usual, three of us once more go pleasure seeking. How unusual all this is! (One page torn out.)


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