Monday, March 12, 2007

Saturday 18th November 1933

A sweet day with a troubled vein running through it. I seem to have lost all my calmness and serenity. Left work punctually, had dinner early and then waited… Peggy came when we were in the garden and I arranged to borrow Harvey’s bike to go to Chertsey with her. Harvey had no money for his fare home and I borrowed some from Peggy for him; which made us quits.

Cycled to Chertsey along a dark lane and I told her what I really was – age, education, lost jobs, everything. It was a relief not to lie for a while. She will not tell anyone else. Went to a farm at Chertsey for Peggy’s red setter puppy. I brought it to Wood Haw inside my jacket. Then we went to Magna Charta: tea together, with the puppy. I went in search of hot drink and got a flask of tea from the café near my factory. Drank in turn. We sat by the fire awhile.

Now she has gone. Tomorrow, the nineteenth, we are going to explore Chobham Common. That should be a good beginning for Starlight. So though this book is not quite full – here endeth Twilight.


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