Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday 13th November 1933

Yesterday was grey but today the clouds seem to be all gone. At the Works, we have nearly finished this run of gum and begin lithos on Wednesday. Not expecting any early shifts. While on gum, my hands became filthy and I cannot get the stains off. Have been dirty over a week now.

Peggy came to see us, after tea, unexpectedly. She sat in my easy chair to port of the fire place. Good Heavens! Only a week ago she sat there for the first time! We planned a walk next Sunday. We talked about Ayesha – that is, She who must be obeyed.

After she had gone, I strangely felt as I did on Snowdon, before I tried to climb down the chimney. Raining fiercely. Walked very quickly to Staines and back. The rain in my face and the wind in my eyes. About 9 o’clock now; I did not feel as cheerful yesterday at this time.


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