Monday, April 30, 2007

Saturday 11th January 1936

Nearly supper time. My mouth is rather dry through smoking. Have been reading a new author – Francis Brett Young. A book called “The House under the Water” One of those family narratives, like “Rogue Herries” and “The Old People”. About 700 hundred pages and I’m nearly half way through.

Quite ridiculous to be calling this “Twilight”, as if it were autumn time! Shall entitle the next one “Stillness” and bridge the gap. Rather a pity to drop the custom of these titles, after so long.

Before bedtime I dragged my old ruc-sack out of the junk chest and put in a few odds and ends, ready for tomorrow. Packing odds and ends into a ruc-sack – a task I have always enjoyed. I put in my pipe and pouch, one pipe cleaner, a star book and a few snaps. Tomorrow I shall add; a thermos flask of hot tea, fruit and sandwiches.


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