Saturday, September 29, 2007

Friday 1st January 1937

We shuffled to and fro in the crowd. I asked a policeman if I could “just climb up Eros” but he refused permission. Girl screamed at John, “Look, he’s King Kong!” He kissed her horribly with the ghastly mask. The crowd surged about. Some bloody swine took my hat. Impossible to see where it had gone; no hope of seeing it again in that crowd.

Needed some refreshments. Everywhere packed. Got a snack in a bar on the Embankment. An awful hag was singing and eating at the same time. Many rowdy scenes. As we entered Lyon’s Strand Corner House a woman was shouting at one of the under managers, “ Yer bloody sod! Yer shit…” Comparative peace and a table to ourselves, inside. Cool lemonade in tall glasses, ice cream.

Reached Waterloo 3 o’clock. John went to sleep on a bench but I did not feel tired yet. Bought a paper at a coffee stall in Waterloo Road. Seemed strange to read about, “Scenes in the West End last night”. John’s train left soon after 5 a.m. I walked through the streets, now much quieter, and got a tube from Marble Arch to Ealing.

Home about 7 o’clock. Had some cheese and biscuits, heard Richard’s alarm ring, took him a cup of tea. Did a few jobs for Mother then went to bed and had three hours sleep.

Quiet afternoon. Had a haircut, posted a registered letter – envelope which contained £1 note. Bed, about 11:30. Awake until 1a.m. Toothache.


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