Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Thursday 12th August 1937

Eight fruitless calls in Southend and Westcliff. Anyhow it was better than yesterday; I did try. Finished early and was back in Southend by 6p.m. Had a welsh rarebit at Garron’s then went to the pictures.

“For You Alone”, Grace Moore. What a voice! Makes one’s hair crinkle. Have seen her three times now. “One Night of Love”, “Love me Forever”. Shall always remember that time when I casually went into the Dominion, Hounslow (early in 1935) without knowing what film was being shown. She was singing in a scene from “Madame Butterfly” when I went in. In white, in a garden, with blossoms falling. And “Love me Forever”. Reminds me of that foolish, still regretted fortnight… She used to sing it…

In sharp contrast, it also brings back Gwyneth and the night when the old King died.


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