Sunday, March 09, 2008

Saturday 14th May 1938

This morning’s mail brought confirmation of an order from Beacon Store Co., Grays. (The dramatic Mr Saunders.) An identical copy of the order received from Norman and Co. last Thursday. Damned funny! I suppose Billings split his order between the two of them. Very complicated. But so long as Paripan eventually get the orders, I don’t care a bugger.

Spent the morning painting. Made a very thin pale blue priming and slapped it on the whitewashed walls in the window bay. Rather a messy job with such a hungry surface, but the effect should be lovely when I’ve finished.

Turned out with the rambling club this afternoon. A long walk to the rendezvous at Leigh on Sea; the car is quickly missed! Sultry, hot weather. We walked through Belfairs Park and the Great Wood. Pleasant in the greenery. This sort of thing will keep me fit! Tea at The Roadhouse, Leigh. Lois gave me a lift back to Eastwoodbury afterwards. Decent people in the Club. But I do wish there were more young men and less elderly people. Feel a bit of a crock, tramping along with a lot of old people. Nevertheless, they are a decent crowd.


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