Sunday, March 09, 2008

Wednesday 11th May 1938

At last, a really summery day. Have got about £20 in the Bank. But I’ve just signed a cheque for £2-9-4 (new tyres for the B and AV) which reduces it to about £17-10-0.

This was St Helens Garages. After ordering the tyres, I tried to sell the proprietor some paint. Talked, discussed colour schemes, measured the wall space. Gradually whittled down the amount of paint he needed until it was a small tin of distemper. Eventually decided he was too hard up even for that expense and said “Well, leave it till next time”. Ninety minutes wasted!

Made ten calls today, in the Southend district; four of these were cold canvasses on new prospects. Overcame the “wind-up”. Fairly promising receptions in each case. Result (in orders) for the day:- One small U/coat Paste order – new account.

It is 7 o’clock and I’m now going to the pictures – alone.


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