Sunday, March 09, 2008

Saturday 30th April 1938

I was called at 8 o’clock. Had a cup of tea and read the mail. Closed my eyes afterwards but couldn’t sleep again. Went to St. Christopher’s Garage and spent some time discussing hire purchase of a new Morris Eight. Met Pat outside her office at 1 o’clock and drove her home.

Out with the CHA Rambling Club this afternoon, after a lapse of eight weeks or more. Good to meet them all once more. Cold and windy weather – this springtime, High Noon! – but we soon got warm as we went across the fields around Hockley Woods. I was in somewhat poor condition and felt tired after the first two miles! Tea at deserted South Fambridge, at a café near the Crouch seawall. A lovely walk back also.
Must do more of this now. Have had too much excitement and late nights; not enough exercise.

Back just before 9 o’clock. Drove Lois Rogers into Leigh. Outside a shop in The Broadway was a small crowd of people. I joined the throng for a moment. They were watching a television exhibition. Vision was very clear; I imagined it would be blurred. This was my first experience of television.

Roedean, supper and bed. Nine hours sleep.


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