Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sunday 17th April 1938

Up 7:30 and called for Pat at 9 o’clock. Left within a few minutes, a pile of our baggage in the rear of the car. A cold, sunny morning. Drove unhurriedly across country – Chelmsford, Ware, Hertford. We stopped for a snack – some sandwiches packed by Pat’s mother. A note was enclosed:- “Hullo you 2 dears! Take care of each other and have a happy week end. AR” Typical of Amanda Retallack!

A long time before we reached Dunstable and were on the main road northwards. Travelled fast then and were coming through the Flecknoe fields by 2 o’clock – Pat opening the gates. Ever so many pictures of Pat in my mind. Pat meeting Aunt, and Wilf and Marie. Pat in the vault behind the altar at the Church. Pat standing on the running board as we drove to Sawbridge in the evening. She had a kerchief on her head, and it seemed more exciting to stand on the running board, in the wind. Pat sitting on the arm of my chair, beside the morning room log fire. Pat peeping out of her bedroom door and saying “Good night”.

I slept with Wilf and did not have a very good night. He still suffers from insomnia and so I only got about two hours sleep.


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