Sunday, March 09, 2008

Saturday 23rd April 1938

Took Pat to the Pictures. Afterwards we drove to Wakering Stairs, and made love (as though nothing had happened!) And it, also, was sweet. I should feel a worm, but somehow I don’t. Must be quite unscrupulous. It must be possible for a man to simultaneously love a girl and a woman. However – my old motto – when in doubt, be impulsive, do the unusual! It gives one a kick out of life!

At the end of Morning Mists I pay tribute to a woman whom few people really know. Aloof, cold seeming, yet deeply, secretly imaginative. Who could suffer a lot and say nothing. And could dream a lot and say nothing. Above all, a woman of very fine character – IRIS.

The hopes we have for tomorrow – die today.
Act quickly; think quickly; speak slowly.


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