Sunday, March 09, 2008

Wednesday 20th April 1938

Business does not seem too good somehow – although today’s turnover was about £8-10-0d. Expect trade to be booming at this time of the year.

Then a garage looked over the Zephyr and discovered that the engine should be reconditioned. Symptoms – heavy oil usage, caused by leaks and strong fumes. This will cost £5, axle repairs previously mentioned will cost £6. Two new tyres are also required – say £14 in all. My quarterly commission cheque will very soon be used!

After tea I met Pat, returning from business. She very shyly bought me a new tobacco pouch – because I’d given her “such a lovely week-end”. We parked the miserable Zephyr outside her house and sat talking. I told her that a financial tangle loomed ahead and we could not have a very good time for the summer. She was so beastly sympathetic – I mean sweetly sympathetic - that a terrible and exciting impulse came to me and nearly won! Afterwards I told her what it had nearly been. I’d nearly suggested that we be engaged and swiftly married! She was surprised, and then thought how young she was, and then was a bit thrilled at the idea. Next we both wondered what she would have said – “yes” or “no” or “perhaps”. I said that I’d have drawn all my money from the Bank to buy a ring and she said oh, it would be lovely to have an engagement ring, not 'cos it was expensive, it would be the same if it was a sixpenny ring.

I’ve never seen her so sparkling or gay. How crazy it would have been – but how exciting! We agreed on that, too.


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