Sunday, March 09, 2008

Monday 18th April 1938

Wilf and Pat and I walked along the canal bank. How strange it seemed for her to be looking at places like the Leam aqueduct, where I used to play. The first of my London friends to visit Wolfhampcote.

I’d never quite realised what a “character” Aunt was. So vital and quick witted and very Lincolnshire and very much a Speed. Pat, Marie, Wilf and I fetched wood from the fallen tree. I used a lovely axe and the girls a cross cut. A ripping pile of logs. Pat and I danced in the hall, to music from the old gramophone. Such tunes as “Shepherd of the Hills” and the early jazz.

Drove Kitty up from Grandborough in the afternoon and introduced her to Pat. “Oh, she’s pretty, Stephen” said Kitty as we approached. (When I was a very small boy I wrote: “Stephen Dawson will marry Kitty when he is twenty two”. I was so young that I had to ask Kitty how to spell some of the words!)

Pat and I left Wolfhampcote about 5:30. I’m so possessive that I felt pleased when I had her utterly to myself again. Didn’t have to share her with anyone else. “That’s funny, “she said when I told her, “Cos I’ve been feeling just the same about you!”

Traffic from Daventry onwards. Hellish traffic. The brakes were often being jammed on. Traffic blocks. But at last it was night and we were on the North Circular Road, having come through St Albans and Barnet. Swift journey then, Pat sitting very quietly. Car after car flashed by, coming from Southend. Road fairly open on my side however. Reached 218 at 10 o’clock.


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