Sunday, March 09, 2008

Thursday 28th April 1938

A good week for business. Today I took an SO gloss order, a Hospital order and an enamel order from Taylor and Moore, West Road. The Battered and Ancient Vehicle is fey. There’s a feeling about it that complete breakdown is imminent. So I’m considering taking another chance – increasing the risk. I’ll probably buy a new car on hire purchase (two years to pay) and leave the B and A as part exchange towards deposit. This would mean monthly instalments for two years about one pound in excess of the present arrangements. However it might be cheaper in the long run. The B and A may become one damn thing after another, in the near future.

The General Hospital Massage Dept. is arranging a treasure hunt for cars. Bought a couple of tickets. Saw Pat at lunchtime:- “Does it mean a lot of dashing about?” asked she. “Oh yes, rather” I said enthusiastically. To my amazement she said that in that case she’d rather “go to the Pier” if I didn’t mind and could find someone else. (I do wish she had more “pep,” more energy, “drive,” vitality!)

Back to the Hospital and to the nurse who sold me the tickets. Oh yes, she could find me another passenger! One of the nurses. She couldn’t come herself as she happened to know the route and all the clues!

Drill night at No. 3 Company. Learnt how to operate a telephone switchboard.


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