Sunday, March 09, 2008

Friday 6th May 1938

After a wintry period, today was sunny. The old country round, Zephyr trundling feebly along at 30-35 mph with oil fumes pouring out of the engine. Rochford, Hullbridge, Wickford, Billericay, Laindon, Hordon-on-the-Hill. Turnover £12, brought the week’s total to £47.

Met Pat outside her office on my way home, 6 o’clock, and drove her to Victoria Avenue. She seemed more charming than usual but I was more awkward, so nothing was achieved. We are somewhat aloof from each other at the moment; every now and then her boredom and lack of interest gets on my nerves.

In the sitting room at Roedean, I checked the turnover figures. “A record week.” I said aloud, “The best yet!” At that moment a song began on the wireless. “I’ve told every little star” – from “Music on the Air”. The song I always associate with my start at Paripan, because I heard it at the theatre, my first night in London. (They started me that week at 20/- Now I receive £4 – and commission brings it to about £5. Slight improvement but there’s still plenty of scope and I’m still hard up.

But – I’ve lived since then! “I have lived and thou canst rob me now…” As I wrote the above, the family at Roedean prepared for bed, but Iris stayed downstairs. We talked by the fireside until 1 o’clock.


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