Sunday, March 09, 2008

Saturday 7th May 1938

Fate has decided the question: “A new car; to be or not to be”. I had actually ordered a new Morris Eight but my proposal was turned down by the hire-purchase company concerned. They wanted someone to stand security or else a larger deposit.
Could have given them either of these alternatives but eventually decided to keep the B and AV until I’d cleared up the debt. Two years seems a long time to be tied and that would be the period over which my Morris Eight repayments would extend.

Saw Pat at lunchtime. She had two tickets for the local theatre but seemed dubious as to going – on Monday. So we left it vaguely uncertain. “Let me know” I said.

The B and AV is using so much oil that I left her on the waste ground opposite Pat’s and went home by train. Might prove cheaper, and anyhow, it was a change.


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