Sunday, March 09, 2008

Thursday 12th May 1938

Summer! For the first time this year – heat!

An order from the Grays merchants for 20 gallons, in the post. For Billings, of course, but via Norman and Co. That was a good start to the day. Made eleven calls; took three orders, besides the Grays one. It’s been an awful week, but today’s work brought the turnover up to £20.

Bought myself a pair of sun-glasses this afternoon. Very soothing. How glaring the roads seemed whenever I removed them for a moment! With the glasses on, all colours seemed to tone to a gentle grey-green. It also makes me happy to wear them; like having a new tie or a frightfully comfortable tweed jacket.

Am now buying my cigarettes from Rothmans, by post. 300 in stock at present, including 100 exclusive Russians. This, also, makes me happy.


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