Sunday, March 02, 2008

Thursday 10th March 1938

A pleasant mail this morning (at Colchester). Letter from Mad Willy, enclosing snaps taken last Sunday. Letter from mother to say we now have a car – a Vauxhall 14!
Thirdly, a letter from Pat which commenced, “Darling” and ended “Auf Wiedersen”.
“I somehow think that you have broken the ice at the top of the deep dark pool and have stirred up the bottom…”

Two Undercoat Paste orders – new accounts. I knocked down a child whilst driving through Great Baddow. He ran across the road suddenly. Not seriously hurt but shaken and frightened. Took the names of the child and two witnesses (who exonerate me from blame) and reported the accident to a very pleasant and non-aggressive policeman at Rayleigh.

The battery will shortly want replacing. Altogether I think I’ll spend the better half of £10. Heaven knows where the money will come from.

Sequel to the Grays episode. Leonard’s Store sent in an order last week for enamels and paints to the value of £75. The Company turned it down because this seemed too much to allow for credit. Leonard’s Stores refused to pay cash in advance so I guess that is that. Our attitude is understandable, but of course it is a disappointment. Today, however, I received advice of another order from Grays (Norman and Co, builders merchants) and this had been accepted. The confirmation bore my initials and was worth about £24. Sort of consolation prize! (Don’t think Billings [blast him!] is concerned this time.)

Anyhow, that makes this a record week!


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