Sunday, March 02, 2008

Thursday 3rd March 1938

Wright and I called on a property owner this morning. “Don’t want it. Not interested” said the prospect quite definitely, when I introduced U/coat Paste White.
We talked for 1 ½ hours and by that time my sales talk had nearly been exhausted. However he eventually ordered 4 x 28lbs U/coat Paste White, ½ gln. Liquid Stainers, 5 glns refined L.O. and 5 glns turps. So the morning not wasted.

There was also an order waiting at Wrights office. And two builders had telephoned for materials – one a man who had given me one order direct, last January; the other a builder whom I interviewed last week. So I drove happily back to Eastwoodbury.

The sun sets later every day. How lovely! The worst is over.


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