Sunday, March 23, 2008

Thursday 18th August 1938

Today was to be another “local” day, with Lois to see early in the evening. The morning’s mail however, made it evident that I must go to distant Dovercourt.
Called at Oakdene before starting; saw Lois, explained I might be late back.
“If so, am I forgiven?” “Yes!” she laughed. I cunningly put out my hands in a vague sort of way. She took them in hers. I suddenly jerked her towards me and into my arms; and kissed her laughing lips. Turned and ran out to the car. “Stupid…” she said, “…but nice!”

Colchester, one hour seven minutes from Southend. Two calls in Dovercourt. Wasn’t able to obtain the order, in the buyers’ absence but it will probably be sent on when he returns. Left Dovercourt 4:15p.m. One call, at Wix, on the way back.

Southend, one hour five minutes from Colchester. Home 6:15p.m. Called for Lois at 7:30 and we went to the pictures. (How nice, the walk back to the garage, her arm in mine, or better still, our arms inside each others, with the fingers entwined.) One of the most understanding things she’s ever done – Lois gave me a copy of Rupert Brookes’ “Complete Poems”. I did not accept the entire ownership however. After all, those things will be shared… Therefore we inscribed it:- “1938. Lengthening Shadows. Stephen. Lois.”


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