Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Friday 14th April 1939

Nearly everything went wrong today. Cold and rainy. Instead of three certain orders I eventually took one – 28lbs Ceiling Distemper - £0-3-5! Of the three promising calls, two clients did not know the shades yet, whilst the third had a hell of a lot of complaints to make regarding PHG and ceiling distemper.

The windscreen wiper has been repaired three times recently but ceased to function again, today. I was eventually told that there was something radically wrong with the wiper and that a new one was necessary.

Owing to the recently announced TA expansion (about 150,000 men are required to begin with) there are now 55 vacancies in my unit. There were – 15 men joined tonight. Britain, it would seem, awakes. But dammit, I still think we should use conscription! We now have 21 signallers and the number is to be increased to 42.


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