Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Friday 28th April 1939

Southend district. Eleven calls – could have made more if there’d been time. Two orders, two cheques. It’s becoming a good week. Despite the damned rain and cold I’ve kept at it.

Colossal number of recruits at the drill hall. A long queue of applicants waiting in front of silently efficient clerks and doctors. In the Signallers Room I found the RSM lecturing eight old sweats (like myself, Norrington, the Sorrells and Gobey) and at least twenty complete strangers. The OS’s lounged on chairs in front whilst the CS’s stood stiffly behind.

A chaotic evening naturally. We (the old sweats) kept out of the way most of the time, swearing at each other by telephone across the hall. We’ve been given our special jobs now for Camp (and possibly wartime, who knows?) I’ve got to operate a “Two-Way Switch" somewhere alone – yes! A solo job! Haven’t the foggiest idea what I have to do, in fact I’ve never seen a Two-Way Switch.


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