Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Monday 24th April 1939

I’ve always felt a little dissatisfied about my exit from Toc H a few years ago.
So, as impulsively as I left, I have now gone back! I wrote to HQ and received the address of the Chelmsford Secretary by return. The same afternoon I visited his digs at Chelmsford. Travess, a dark, nondescript efficient in orderly things type of young man.

As a sequel, I went to a meeting of the Chelmsford branch tonight. (I’m one with no previous experience of Toc H, who wishes to eventually become a member!) They sat in a semi-circle around an electric fire and drank tea and asked the speaker questions and puffed at pipes. All the same! Even the chairs were the same as at Belgrave and Staines! This is however, a Branch, not a Group, and so has presumably more status. Further the members are, on the average, older men than at Staines, so maybe it won’t be such a rum show. Anyhow we’ll see!

(They’ll possibly think I pick up the Toc H ideas easily! I was careful not to join in the ceremony of light though tempted to do so.)


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