Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sunday 16th April 1939

Up at 7a.m. Hell! However it’s the last time in this confounded course. We finished the exam at 4 o’clock. Think I passed alright.

Lois came to The Cock Inn and we had tea snugly in the saloon bar – with a kettle humming on the hearth. After tea we went for a slow drive in the cold afternoon sunshine. Played a game of chess sitting on a bank above the road. We found charming country near Stock. Walked in some private woods where birds were crying. Angel picked a bunch of primroses and I found three violets which I put in her hair.
(“You must give me another to make a trinity”, she said when I thrust the second violet into the silken threads.)

Back to the pub until closing time. I had cider but Lois had cider and cherry brandy.
Played darts and chess. The other topers were quite startled when they saw the latter game produced. Darts; Lois won twice. Chess; one win for Lois (the first!) one win for myself and one drawn game – stalemate. I’m glad that Lois is getting as good as myself at darts and chess – it makes our contests more interesting.

Drove to Billericay with my right hand and arm, the left arm being around Lois and her head on my shoulder. She caught the 10 something bus for Eastwood.


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