Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Sunday 19th March 1939

Wonderful, this! Angel had only had about two hours sleep, yet she awoke me with a cup of tea at 7:25a.m. I washed, shaved and dressed and had breakfast with her in the kitchen. And was on the road to Colchester (via Chelmsford) by 8:15. What a woman!

Typical day at Colchester. Ruddy cold in the lorry! Shared a pipe of baccy with Ron Sorrell on the way back (huddled together for warmth) He seems a decent, normal chap. Said he, like the others, didn’t like Embleton, as he was “a creeper” and pandered to the NCOs. Maybe he – and the others – are right.

Reached The Cock Inn at 4:30 and put Slinky safely in the stable. Tea was ready within three minutes of my entering the house. It was served daintily, on a tray which stood on a little table beside a blazing fire in the lounge. I ate leisurely, from a deep armchair. I found a fire had also been lighted in my bedroom. Papers were brought in. The situation is summed up as “graver”.

“Rumania Appeals to Britain”
“German Troops Still Sweeping East”
“Rumania Rejects German Demands”
“Hungary Bows to Hitler: Will Poland be Neutral?”
“Will Russia Join?”

From seven thirty onwards I’ve spent most of the time by the fire in my bedroom, doing office work, writing this and reading a not very gripping detective story.
I’d expected only a snack for supper, but at 9 o’clock I was called down into a snug parlour in the private part of the house, for a meal of tomato soup, cold beef, cheese and cocoa. A most attractive dish on the table offered two sorts of cheese, butter, and two sorts of pickle.

It’s now 10:15 and I’m going to turn in. Shall read in bed awhile but will switch out the light whilst the fire still burns, to see flickering gleams. That is a very cosy sight, in a bedroom.


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