Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Wednesday 22nd March 1939

The war rumours have died away into dull reports of “letters”, “proposals”, “discussions”.

Chelmsford today. An order from a Southend client who was working in the town. A small trial order from a Chelmsford builder. And a large order, (PHG, Egham and Piccadilly U/coat) from a Great Baddow firm, LA Carty and Co (ex-Corporal Carty of the Signals). Day’s turnover - £14.

Lunch at 5 Queens Road. It was lovely to walk again into the yellow and black dining room, to see surprised friendly faces laugh suddenly. Littlefield was there, and Carter, and Davey, Bisley, Wiley and Bradbury.

“…Even these were met once more together…”


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