Sunday, July 06, 2008

Saturday 9th September 1939

Marching drill for the whole of the Battery this morning – thud-thud of boots on the asphalt of the market square. We have all improved terrifically in the one short week since being called-up. Several breaks for smoking. We had one half hour of stand-easy. Sergt. Quayle, Dean, Pond and I went along to “The Fleece” for a few beers during this interval.

Half holiday from 12:30p.m. Had lunch in a café and now I’m back in my attic, having discarded boots and socks. Yes! It’s hot again!

Called at Aprils’ digs. She was still working at the office (this at 4:15p.m on a Saturday afternoon!) but was expected back for a quick tea at 5p.m. Subsequent to a telephone conversation with April, I called back at the digs and informed them, with satisfaction, that April would not be in for tea.

Helped her sort out some letters in the deserted office (correspondence re ARP shelters) then took her to tea at an adjacent café. We sat there for about 1½ hours talking. She’s got a most delightfully expressive face; it was lovely to sit there, lazily watching the changes fly across her eyes, eyebrows and lips.

She suspected at first that I’d come to say I was married! She explained I always said I’d marry when war broke out. So I did, but I’d forgotten all about it.

A man in a car kept staring at her as we came out of the café.

“Do you know that person?”
“Yes, only slightly”
“May I glare at him?”
“Yes, I’d love you to!”

I did. “An ever-so-look!” cried April.

Left her outside the office. She has only had one nights full sleep this week – ARP control room at night, office in the day time. Surprisingly, she leaned in, squeezed my fingers. “Keep smiling!”


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