Sunday, July 06, 2008

Tuesday 5th September 1939

Our new Battery Commander is now our ex BC as he has been posted to Salisbury. He made a short farewell speech and received the usual cheers. Rather ironical, as he has only been with us a week or so and we hardly knew him.

Captain Drayson, second in command, gave a somewhat startling address, following an official communication from the War Office. He made me realise how far apart we regulars – ex Territorials – now were from civilians.

“It is possible – though somewhat disgusting to imagine – that there are people in this country who do not think we shall be victorious. These persons may be inclined to aid the enemy in the belief that they will later be made chiefs of police or stationmasters, or receive other pleasant jobs with a pension… We don’t know yet what form this war is going to take…” He went on to say that in case of acts of terrorism or civil disturbances, a number of us might be sent to another part of the country (where we’d have no sympathy for the inhabitants!) to “deal with” such outbreaks.

He then described the official and unofficial ways of “dealing with” terrorists and rioters...


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