Sunday, July 06, 2008

Thursday 31st August 1939

Dull day, but warm. Snapshots: - Flatford Mill. And the back waters; colour and tranquillity, far away from the towns; long car drives.

April – first meeting since we went to the Ferry Boat! She’s been so busy (ARP work but I’d foolishly imagined other interests!) I confessed that when she’d off-handly said she couldn’t see me last week (Wednesday, what a lot has happened since then!) I’d angrily rung up another girl and we’d kissed (had we!) and all that.

To my delight, April was a bit upset and said that if she’d found out by other means she’d never have seen me again but as it was she forgave me. “I always forgive anyone if they only tell me everything” she said. She asked if I would see the said girl again. “Don’t you want me to?” I hedged. Eventually she said, “Well if you do, don’t tell me”. That seemed like feminine changeableness to me…

I met Rio again an hour later… Having been with her all the afternoon… Actually though, April is the only girl I’m not being crooked with because she is the one, the only one, for whom I’ve any deep regard besides being attracted.

Rio and I were in the Oasis Café, Chelmsford at midnight. After Big Ben had struck, the news bulletin continued. Not too good: school children being evacuated; further naval and army reserves called up; Hitler’s wireless still demands Danzig in a 16 point statement…

Foggy evening. “Why have you such iron self-control, darling?” mocked the mischievous Rio. Home 4:30a.m.


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