Sunday, July 06, 2008

Monday 28th August 1939

On the road – Southend district – today, but it was pretty hopeless, trying to sell paint. Went for a swim in the afternoon – it was a very hot day.

Coming out of the baths, I bought a paper.

“Mediterranean Closed to British Shipping – Admiralty order”
“Vessels also told to leave the Baltic”
“Japanese Cabinet Resigns” (this a result of the German-Soviet pact!)
“Children rehearse Evacuation”
“Henderson flying back to Berlin with British Cabinets reply to Hitler”

The rest of the news dealt chiefly with the closing of frontiers and the suspension of many travel services between countries. “Well,” I thought, “This looks as though it will continue indefinitely. Guess I’ll go home for a couple of days!”

Memories of Rio, as an afterthought: As she nestled close against me, peeping up provocatively, - we were walking over rough ground in a Kent wood! – I laughed cynically “I really think you are the girl my relatives have always warned me about!” She pouted prettily at me. “Love Rio?” “No, not much!”

On Saturday morning I cleaned the car and brushed the carpets. On Sunday morning it was still clean except for the carpet around the front passenger seat. There I found :-

A Canvey bus ticket
A matchstick
A “grip” hairpin
A pile of cigarette ash

I laughed aloud at the sight!


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