Friday, July 04, 2008

Tuesday 22nd August 1939

Sensation! Russia, who seemed on the verge of joining the democratic front, has signed a non-aggressive pact with Germany (says Berlin). Things look bad. The climax is this week, say the papers. Frantic troop movements reported.

Eleven calls, one order (22/-) in Southend district.

Evening: Russia admits the pact, which is not actually signed yet however. British Cabinet met and issued a calm statement. Poland will still be protected. Poland is also “unshaken” The Poles say they did not depend on Russian aid anyhow. France “excited”, Italy backs up Germany, Japan somewhat shocked.

British Parliament to be recalled. Confusion in my affairs and “loose ends” always worry me, so I wrote a letter to Father, which should enable him to clear everything up. It will not be posted unless there is war, of course.

Ten thirty. Sat with George outside his home. He joins the RAF tomorrow. Search lights wheeled over the sky, caught and held a speeding aeroplane.

“Hawker Hurricane” said George and explained why it must be.
“Well, good-bye Steve!”
“Cheerio George and the best of luck!”Handshake.


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