Sunday, July 06, 2008

Tuesday 29th August 1939

Left the digs at 10:30. Rang the Office from Ilford (only a 2d call there!) and explained that I was taking a few days of the holiday due to me. Mr Reddall raised no objection, in fact he was very nice about it. I explained that I’d be at Stock and would deal with any special inquiries that might arise.

Home 1 o’clock. Sunny day.

Went to the flicks with Robin in the evening. It was a recent film and the dialogue was sometimes neatly topical. A girl said once, “We must live now, while we may! We shall probably all be blown-up next year”.

I agreed, for that, right or wrong has been my principle.

(Wrong! The readers of this journal will pronounce, in future years!)


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